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What They Are Saying About Us
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"I had the pleasure of working with Karen for a couple of years at Starkey Hearing Foundation. She is a seasoned PR and branding expert who has an amazing work ethic. I enjoyed collaborating with her as she is detail-oriented, focused and dependable. It was such a treat to be on the same team with a powerhouse like her!" – Katrina Gana, Supervising Producer, Starkey Films


"When Karen was brought in to help with the branding and communications of a high profile project, she quickly became an invaluable asset to the team. Karen knew what stories to pitch, how best to craft the best storyline, and she had the right connections to spare. The impact of her work was felt immediately. Karen’s knowledge coupled with her strategic thought leadership made all the difference when it came to translating the brand into the digital and social experience that we needed. She was also superb in managing relationships, navigating tricky situations, and solving problems on the go. Most of all, I was always so impressed with Karen’s deep commitment to excellence and her unwavering work ethic. When you work with her as I did on a high profile project, you know she will leave no stone unturned and no detail to chance - all in the pursuit of high-quality communications that drive real results!" - Vanessa Boys-Smith, Nonprofit Programs & Operations Management, Starkey Hearing Foundation

"I have known Karen for over twenty years and have worked with her on various projects. Karen is an extremely creative and well-connected PR, marketing and branding professional who is respected by production teams and corporate executives. She is organized, efficient and willing to do what it takes to get the work done. Her experience and integrity makes her an admired collaborator and in-demand leader. I look forward to working with her again on future projects." - Herb Ankrom, Executive Producer/Owner Big Ginger Productions, LLC


“Our brand would not be where it is today without Karen Webb and PR Squared. She is the ultimate professional, both extremely hardworking, imaginative and great fun to work with – she is the ideal PR and branding partner.” – Suzi Bergman, Co-Owner of Storksak, Babymel & Marshall Bergman

"I have known Karen for over 15 years and worked with her on a variety of projects while at Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation as well as on Access segments. Not only does she understand what is "newsworthy" and pitches me accordingly, but she is acutely aware of the assets required to evaluate a segment idea. She is courteous but no-nonsense, professional but not pushy and has a tremendous amount of creativity and integrity. She is unusually courteous and thorough in a business that moves at a fast pace. Lastly, she is an excellent networker and uses her well-developed connections wisely. Any organization, brand or talent would be lucky to have her on their team. I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future." - Leigh Oblinger, Producer at Access (formerly Access Hollywood)


"PR Squared has been an integral partner in helping to build Storksak, Babymel and Everly Grey's sales and recognition through various media and advertising channels. Karen Webb has brought to our brands not only invaluable marketing communications experience and insight but also a passion and dedication that is hard to match.” – Dori Rhoades, Showroom Owner


“Karen is a great leader and organizer. She is incredibly consistent with all her communications and sets realistic goals for her clients. Karen has a wealth of knowledge and experience through her many years in marketing and PR and definitely works with a "no nonsense" attitude to get the job done! She works with an extreme amount of professionalism and integrity and provides great results.” - Tara (Narayan) Peyrache, SVP of Marketing, FILA (formally at Blue Cult)


“Karen is by far, one of the best PR pros I work with.” - Shanelle Rein-Olowokere, Global Training Manager, Coach (formally an editor at InStyle and People Magazine)


“I have had the pleasure of working with Karen on numerous projects for over a decade and she is truly one of my favorite people in this business. She is not only professional, organized and detail oriented, but she is also incredibly smart and creative. Anything you give her, she will run with beyond expectations. But the main thing you will notice about Karen is her huge smile. She lights up a room with her positive energy and is one of the warmest and kindest people I know.” - Sharon Spaeth, Producer Access (formally Access Hollywood)

“Karen is so easy to work with. She always has great ideas and provides me with everything I need exactly when I need it. Not only does she always get the job done, but her attitude makes her an absolute pleasure.” - Elise Edwards, Freelance Journalist (formally Supervising Producer, E! Entertainment)

“Working with Karen has always been a wonderful experience. She is beyond thorough, ALWAYS follows-up on EVERYTHING and is extremely professional. It has been an absolute pleasure working with her over the years. I look forward to working with her more in the future!” - Kathryn McRitchie, Fashion Editor & Stylist


“I have known Karen Webb for well over a decade and worked with her through a variety of projects including the Fashion Editor/Orange Coast Magazine, Executive Editor/Fashiontribes, Editor/Blogger/, as well as other freelance projects. Karen is a top-notch branding and PR pro! Her client pitches and story ideas are some of the best I have ever seen and I typically run with them because she has thought about how they will fit "my" niche/demographic. She's great at handling details and providing thorough and complete information, photos and/or samples. When I need to fill a content “hole”, she's one of the first people I call. Karen is always willing to put in extra time and go the distance to help me out. Working with Karen is a real pleasure because of her professionalism, reliability and attention to detail.” - Stevie Wilson , Fashion Editor, (formally an editor at Orange Coast Magazine)


“Karen is extremely driven and professional, with a great work ethic. She was instrumental in getting consecutive press hits for Freedom of Choice Jeans, in numerous nationally recognized publications and news outlets.” - Nathan Menashe, Owner/Creative Director, Freedom of Choice Jeans



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