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What We Do
  • Brand Strategy & Image Development:

Brand building differentiates your brand from the competition and over time can drive market share and increase sales.  We will evaluate your current strategy, discuss your goals and help you develop the most appropriate way to communicate with your target audience in a strategic, authentic, synergistic fashion.


  • Project Management:

Our team will work in concert with your organization to help plan, execute and track  projects from inception to completion. 

  • Leadership Development & Media Training:

We will help you and your team reach your full professional potential.  We will assess your position responsibilities within your organization, discuss pain points, evaluate current leadership skills/qualities and then create a personal development plan. The appraisal will include regular in-person or Skype meetings to evaluate and discuss your growth and expanded competency.  Public speaking and media training are offered for leaders at all levels.

  • Digital & Social Media Marketing:

With the use of various digital platforms, we will help get your products or services in front of potential users and drive sales.  We will assist you in creating digital content and maintaining your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.  Our team will develop a strategy that will grow your following and generate engaging, sales-driving content.


  • Product Placement:

We are regularly approached by stylists, costume designers and event producers searching for the right products for their client, show or event.  We will evaluate potential opportunities and help you decide which ones are the best fit for your brands, based on the campaign goals, budget and strategy.


  • Celebrity/Influencer Partnerships:

We have a number of long-standing relationships and are constantly developing new ones with celebrities and influencers.  We will help facilitate partnerships with coveted talent who can help get your product/brand in front of your target audience to help drive sales.


  • Event Press:

We will work with you to help garner the coverage you expect at your event.  From arranging the press and photographers, to managing the red carpet, and handling post-event coverage, we will make sure your event gets the attention it deserves.


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